1: "Friends" - A group of six friends navigate love and life in New York City.

2: "The Big Bang Theory" - Nerdy friends and their socially awkward antics make for plenty of laughs.

3: "The Office" - Dunder Mifflin employees' hilarious hijinks are sure to entertain.

4: "Parks and Recreation" - Leslie Knope and her quirky colleagues bring the laughs in this mockumentary.

5: "30 Rock" - Liz Lemon and her wacky coworkers create comedy gold behind the scenes of a sketch show.

6: "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" - The detectives of the 99th precinct keep the laughs coming with their off-the-wall cases.

7: "Superstore" - The employees of Cloud 9 deal with ridiculous customers and workplace shenanigans.

8: "Schitt's Creek" - The wealthy Rose family's fall from grace leads to plenty of hilarious moments.

9: "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" - A housewife turned stand-up comedian takes on the male-dominated comedy scene.