1: 1. Paint old furniture for a fresh update. 2. Create stylish accent walls with peel-and-stick wallpaper.

2: 3. Make your own custom throw pillows with inexpensive fabric. 4. DIY artwork using thrifted frames and printable designs.

3: 5. Upgrade your lighting with affordable fixtures. 6. Arrange inexpensive candles for a cozy atmosphere.

4: 7. Transform mason jars into trendy storage solutions. 8. Add texture with budget-friendly area rugs and throw blankets.

5: 9. Hang DIY drapes made from affordable fabrics. 10. Incorporate indoor plants for a touch of elegance.

6: 11. Mix and match patterns and textures for a luxe look. 12. Repurpose old glass jars as chic vases for fresh flowers.

7: 13. Style your bookshelves with decorative items from discount stores. 14. Create a gallery wall with thrifted frames and inexpensive prints.

8: 15. Upgrade your hardware for a polished finish. 16. Add depth with affordable mirrors and reflective surfaces.

9: 17. Arrange coffee table books and trinkets for a personalized touch. 18. Opt for DIY faux fur accents for a touch of glamour.