1: "Abs Circuit 1: Plank to Pike" Engage core and push hips up for a challenging move.

2: "Abs Circuit 2: Russian Twists" Sit back and twist to target obliques.

3: "Abs Circuit 3: Bicycle Crunches" Pedal legs in the air for a full core burn.

4: "Abs Circuit 4: Mountain Climbers" Alternate legs in a fast-paced cardio move.

5: "Abs Circuit 5: Leg Raises" Lift legs up and down for lower ab work.

6: "Abs Circuit 6: Side Planks" Hold side plank for a strong core.

7: "Abs Circuit 7: Flutter Kicks" Kick legs up and down for intense core engagement.

8: "Abs Circuit 8: V-Ups" Reach towards toes for a total core challenge.

9: "Abs Circuit 9: Hollow Body Hold" Engage entire core with a full body isometric hold.