1: "1. Emily in Paris: Shallow plot and stereotypical characters make this show cringeworthy."

2: "2. Insatiable: Fat-shaming and offensive humor make this series hard to watch."

3: "3. Iron Fist: Poor writing and lackluster action scenes make this Marvel series a dud."

4: "4. Girlboss: Unlikable protagonist and unclear storyline result in a forgettable show."

5: "5. The I-Land: Confusing plot and wooden performances make this series unwatchable."

6: "6. Between: Dull characters and slow pacing make this show a slog to get through."

7: "7. Friends From College: Unlikeable characters and cringeworthy humor make this sitcom unbearable."

8: "8. Gypsy: Poorly developed characters and lack of direction make this psychological drama a flop."

9: "9. A Christmas Prince: Predictable plot and cheesy dialogue make this holiday movie a cringe fest."