1: Indulge in Mediterranean flavors with these quick brunch ideas under 20 minutes. Try avocado toast with feta and tomatoes for a healthy start!

2: Savor the taste of roasted red pepper and feta frittata for a satisfying brunch. Pair with a side of fresh fruit for a balanced meal.

3: Whip up a Greek yogurt parfait with honey and nuts for a sweet and protein-packed brunch option. Add granola for extra crunch!

4: Enjoy a Mediterranean-inspired shakshuka with eggs and tomatoes for a rich and flavorful brunch. Serve with crusty bread for dipping.

5: Try a Mediterranean rice bowl with veggies and olives for a hearty brunch. Top with a dollop of hummus for a creamy finish!

6: Feast on a simple caprese salad with mozzarella and basil for a light brunch option. Drizzle with balsamic glaze for extra flavor.

7: Delight in a Mediterranean-style vegetable omelet for a quick and nutritious brunch. Add spinach, feta, and peppers for a colorful twist.

8: Treat yourself to a Mediterranean avocado and egg toast for a creamy and satisfying brunch. Sprinkle with chili flakes for a kick of heat.

9: Create a refreshing Greek lemon and herb quinoa salad for a zesty brunch. Top with grilled chicken or tofu for added protein.