1: 1. Saving a drowning victim's life. 2. Giving up a liver transplant for a patient. 3. Performing a risky surgery to save a baby.

2: 4. Donating part of her liver to her father. 5. Advocating for patients' rights. 6. Forgiving her mother for past mistakes.

3: 7. Standing up to hospital administration for patient care. 8. Supporting her colleagues in times of crisis. 9. Putting patients' needs above her own.

4: 10. Sacrificing personal relationships for her career. 11. Adopting a child with special needs. 12. Helping a patient overcome addiction.

5: 13. Advocating for mental health awareness. 14. Comforting patients in their final moments. 15. Going above and beyond for patient care.

6: 16. Taking on challenging cases to save lives. 17. Showing empathy and compassion to patients. 18. Putting her own life at risk to help others.

7: 19. Taking a stand against discrimination in healthcare. 20. Fighting for justice for mistreated patients. 21. Going to great lengths to save a patient's life.

8: 22. Rescuing a patient from a dangerous situation. 23. Offering support to patients facing difficult decisions. 24. Inspiring others to be selfless in their actions.

9: 25. Demonstrating dedication to the practice of medicine. 26. Making tough decisions for the greater good. 27. Showing kindness and care to all patients.