1: Olivia Dunne's bedtime routine takes a unique turn when she's home alone.

2: No basic PJs for Olivia - she opts for a superhero costume instead.

3: She dances around her room to her favorite song before hitting the hay.

4: Olivia's bedtime snack of choice? A bowl of cereal with a side of ice cream.

5: She falls asleep with a novel in hand, dreaming of her upcoming adventures.

6: There's no pillow or blanket for Olivia - she sleeps on a pile of stuffed animals.

7: Lights out? Not for Olivia, who prefers to fall asleep with fairy lights twinkling.

8: Her unconventional bedtime routine is a reflection of her creative soul.

9: Follow Olivia Dunne's lead and embrace your unique way of winding down at night.