1: NCIS star Michael Weatherly reflects on playing Agent Tony DiNozzo, admitting to overstaying his welcome on the hit TV show.

2: After 13 seasons, Weatherly left NCIS in 2016 to pursue other projects, bringing an end to his iconic role as DiNozzo.

3: The actor acknowledges that staying too long in one role can be detrimental to both the character and the show's overall story.

4: Weatherly's departure from NCIS allowed the series to introduce new characters and storylines, refreshing the long-running show.

5: Despite leaving NCIS, Weatherly has found success in his new role in the legal drama Bull, showcasing his versatility as an actor.

6: Fans continue to praise Weatherly's portrayal of DiNozzo, fondly remembering his humor and dynamic interactions with fellow cast members.

7: Weatherly's admission of overstaying his welcome as DiNozzo demonstrates his self-awareness and respect for the show's legacy.

8: NCIS remains a beloved TV series, with Weatherly's portrayal of DiNozzo contributing to its enduring popularity and success.

9: As fans look back on Weatherly's time on NCIS, they appreciate his talent and dedication to bringing Agent Tony DiNozzo to life on screen.