1: 1. "The Boys - A gritty superhero series that delivers dark humor and thrilling action." 2. "Fleabag - A hilarious and heartwarming comedy about a witty and flawed woman." 3. "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - A charming comedy-drama set in the 1950s New York City."

2: 4. "Hunters - A thrilling and intense series about a group of Nazi hunters in the 1970s." 5. "Jack Ryan - An action-packed spy thriller based on Tom Clancy's novels." 6. "Homecoming - A mysterious and gripping psychological thriller starring Julia Roberts."

3: 7. "Patriot - A dark comedy about a N.O.C. officer whose missions have unintended consequences." 8. "Upload - A sci-fi comedy about a man who uploads his consciousness to a virtual afterlife." 9. "The Expanse - A space opera series full of political intrigue and epic space battles."

4: 10. "Good Omens - A whimsical and witty fantasy series about an angel and demon teaming up." 11. "Undone - An innovative and thought-provoking animated series exploring mental illness." 12. "Modern Love - A heartfelt anthology series about love and relationships in New York City."

5: 13. "Carnival Row - A dark fantasy series set in a Victorian-inspired world of mythical creatures." 14. "Sneaky Pete - A smart and suspenseful series about a conman posing as his cellmate." 15. "Invincible - An animated superhero series that explores the darker side of being a hero."

6: 16. "Bosch - A gritty crime drama about a relentless LAPD detective solving cold cases." 17. "The Wilds - A thrilling drama about a group of teen girls stranded on a deserted island." 18. "Goliath - A legal drama starring Billy Bob Thornton as a disillusioned former lawyer."

7: 19. "The Feed - A sci-fi thriller exploring the dangers of technology and interconnectedness." 20. "Too Old to Die Young - A crime drama series by Nicolas Winding Refn." 21. "Tales from the Loop - A sci-fi anthology series based on Simon Stålenhag's art."

8: 22. "Hanna - A high-octane thriller about a teenage girl with deadly skills trained by her father." 23. "Truth Seekers - A comedy-horror series about a team of paranormal investigators." 24. "The Pale Blue Eye - An upcoming historical crime thriller starring Christian Bale."

9: 25. "Them - An anthology series exploring terror in America's past and present." 26. "Mr. Robot - A riveting cyber-thriller about a vigilante hacker taking down corrupt corporations." 27. "Outlander - A romantic time-travel drama set in Scotland during the 18th century."